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Joseph Gilchrist
Lead Pastor
Joel Berthet
Executive Pastor
Rebekah Berthet
Executive Admin
Lesroy Byers
Worship Director
Joseph Gilchrist has dedicated his life to ministry, driven by his deep care for people, and his passion for helping them think better and live better. He has been in full-time ministry since 2011, including eleven years as a Student Ministries Pastor, and four years as an Executive Pastor of a substantial congregation in FL. During these times he made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Joseph has an unwavering commitment to making a broader impact beyond the confines of traditional church services. He, along with the team at New Life, envisions a new approach, which they call the 70/30 plan, aiming to allocate church finances more equitably. Under this plan, 70% of the funds are utilized for building payments, staff support, and Sunday service ministries, while the remaining 30% is dedicated to filling needs. Joseph passionately believes in directing resources towards local and global causes, partnering with organizations like our local Salvation Army and empowering communities to make a generous impact.

Joseph's leadership style is characterized by his fun, energetic, and passionate approach. He believes in maintaining a balance between vision and practicality, ensuring the ministry's goals are well-organized and structured. With a get-it-done mentality, Joseph fosters a collaborative team environment and inspires his colleagues to make a meaningful difference. His emphasis on self-awareness and mental/emotional well-being further strengthens his leadership, allowing him to navigate challenges while maintaining personal and professional growth.

Beyond his ministry work, Joseph finds immense support and inspiration from his family. He shares a deep partnership with his wife, Ciara, who stands beside him as a pillar of strength. Their unwavering commitment and countless sacrifices create a solid foundation for their ministry endeavors. Joseph is also a proud father to two amazing children, Eden Olivia and Zion James, who ignite his drive to create a better world for future generations.

Joseph’s dedication to ministry, his vision for the 70/30 plan, and his commitment to inspiring change through generosity makes him a true leader in his field. With his compassionate and forward-thinking approach, he is not only transforming lives within his congregation, but also empowering communities to embrace a more compassionate and impactful way of living.
Daniela Pińa
Discipleship Pastor
Aubrey Cook
Media Director
Doris Fenzi
Kids Min Director
Josh .HEIC
Josh Ostrander
Middle School Director
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